Water Use Efficiency (WUE)

The State of Washington recently established the Municipal Water Law, part of which mandates a water use efficiency plan. Part of the plan requirement involves setting goals and monitoring the results. In 2012, the Westside Water Board set and met the goal of asking all shareholders to reduce their water consumption by ½ of 1%. On average, this amounts to a little less than one gallon per household per day. This reduction is easily accomplished by simple acts like shutting off the water tap while brushing teeth or turning off the shower briefly while you lather up with shampoo. Of course if you are planning to replace your toilet, please consider selecting a low water use one. Installing a low flow shower head is easy too and more than meets this goal. To continue to benefit, all shareholders are asked to use water efficiently and, especially, to check for and promptly respond to leaks.  More information about the Water Use Efficiency Rule can be found here.

Westside Water has prepared some Water Conservation tips for members.

Thanks for helping out!