Mission, Scope, Membership, History


The mission of the Westside Water Association is to provide clean, safe, reliable drinking water to all Association members within our district.


WWA is a member-owned, member-run, 501 (c)(12)nonprofit utility.


To be a member of the Westside Water Association, one must own property within the Westside Water District boundary. The Association serves over 200 households in an area west of Shingle Mill Creek and north of Bank Road. The association is administered by a volunteer board, which is elected from among the members at an annual meeting. Membership is limited to those members within the district who are in possession of a water share.  We are fully subscribed at this time; no new water shares are available, and no additional water shares are forecast to become available.


Westside Water Association was first incorporated in 1928. See our legal documents page for the articles of incorporation and bylaws; or check out the earliest meeting minutes recorded by the Association. Yup, we still have the originals!

Staff and Board Members


  • System Manager:  Doug Dolstad
  • Bookkeeper:  Stacey Sampson

Current Board of Directors, 2020-21


  • President:  Jeff Thurlow
  • Vice President:  Pat Call
  • Treasurer:  Richard Perret
  • Secretary:  Jim Cross
  • At Large:  Adrian Witherspoon