Neighborhood Emergency Response Organizations (NEROs) are informal groups of neighbors from five to fifteen homes, who organize to help each other in the hours and days after a minor storm or major earthquake. NERO efforts help neighborhoods, because transportation and communication may be difficult after a storm or other incident. NERO reports from neighborhoods also help our professional responders prioritize their efforts, to do the most good for the greatest number of islanders.

The Westside Water Association includes 231 households. There are a couple of established NERO groups in our district; however, most areas are not covered by a NERO group. For the purpose of contacting WWA members in a water system emergency,  we have loosely organized our district into groups of 3 to 10 homes, similar to the NERO model. We hope to identify one home in each neighbor group that can serve to coordinate checking on and notifying neighbors personally in the event of a water emergency, in addition to our current protocol of district-wide notification. We hope that by implementing these neighbor groups, you can help us ensure that you and all of your neighbors are  receiving current information in a water emergency.

For more information about NERO on Vashon, please visit the NERO page of Vashon Be Prepared.