Annual Member Meeting 2020

The Annual Meeting of Westside Water Association will be held at 7:00 PM on Thursday, May 28, 2020.  Because of the Covid-19 situation the meeting will be held remotely via Zoom.  Please “arrive” ½ hour before the meeting to check in.  Due to this venue change we will require certain protocols so that a quorum and your vote can be verified.  On this notice’s envelope address line is your member account number. Please note and remember it. At the meeting we will record your attendance and, when necessary, any votes by using this number. We need at least 60 members to join the meeting via Zoom room or by proxy in order to conduct business.  This year it is especially important that you send in your proxy form to authorize a person to vote in your place if you cannot attend.  Proxies will be verified by the Associations Secretary prior to the meeting.


Your Board has had another active year.  One major change has been understanding the impact of our usage of the Anderson wells and their sustainability.  This knowledge has caused us to once again look for additional water to meet our summertime peak demand.  We look forward to sharing some of our news at the annual meeting, receiving feedback from you and hearing any concerns or suggestions you may have.  You can find more information in recent newsletters and at the WWA web site: which will have the posting of the 2019-2020 financial report, a re-cap of this years voting issues, our well’s water column heights data and more.  We encourage you to visit it.


The annual meeting will begin promptly at 7:00 PM.  Again, please “arrive” in the Zoom meeting early, at 6:30 so you can be checked in.  On or before May 18th you will receive an email  describing how to join this Zoom meeting.  Here is the unique number we have reserved:  After you check in, you can go do something else until the meeting formally starts but coming early will really help ease the process of checking in. 


Because this technology may be new to you, we will be offering “practice” Zoom meetings at various times; one in the morning and another in the evening the week before the annual meeting.  Check your email for practice meeting notices.  These will offer you the opportunity to log in and become familiar with the Zoom platform.  I suggest dialing into the 2 practice meetings.  Think of this exercise as our “meet and greet” time that we would otherwise enjoy at Havurat, but you will have to bring your own wine and treats, sorry, no sharing of goodies this year. To further aid you on how to use Zoom you can find various instructional videos on You Tube and other internet sites.   Please plan to attend and take part in setting the direction of your association for the coming year!


If you lack a computer or internet service you can also join Zoom with your phone.  Please contact us if this is your option and we will provide a number to call.





·      Call to Order/establishment of quorum

·      Minutes of 2018 Annual Meeting (Jim Cross)

·      Treasures’s Report (Richard Perret) – see also the financial report on our website or we can email it upon request

·      Mary Margret Briggs financial audit of 2019-2020 WWA books

·      President’s Report (Jeff Thurlow)

·      System Manager’s Report (Doug Dolstad)

·      Global Water Initiative Report (Mary Margaret Briggs)

·      Old Business

·      New Business

Proposal to grant a specific exception to Association by-laws:

o   Member proposal:  Do you approve or disapprove of an exception to the existing WWA by-laws that would allow WWA member Michael & Nancy O’Conner to transfer an existing WWA share attached to an unbuilt parcel they own to a different parcel where their home is?

·      Election of Board Member for 2 positions

Nominated, as of this date, is Pat Call to fill Patte Wagner’s position.  Richard Perret is willing to be re-elected to the position he serves in.   We welcome any member to make their own nomination and this will be asked of you at the meeting

·      Adjournment

Check out the ANNUAL MEETING Link above for some additional details and documents.