About Us

We are the Westside Water Association (WWA). We provide clean drinking water to over 200 households in our neighborhood.

Our district is on the shore of Colvos Passage, on the northwest side of Vashon Island.

The water sources for WWA are adjacent to Shinglemill Creek. The creek runs north through the center of the island and drains into Puget Sound at Fern Cove. Our water supply includes a spring that enters the creek near our pumphouse, a well that taps a 300 foot-deep aquifer within the canyon, two new wells on the canyon crest, and the stream itself in case of very high demand. All of our water comes from the Shinglemill watershed and is replenished by rain that falls mainly from October through May.

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This aerial photograph taken by the USGS shows the part of Vashon Island served by WWA to the left of center, with Shingle Mill Creek running diagonally to the upper-left and surrounded by a dense forest. The WWA water source is next to the creek near the center of the photo. An access road can be seen cutting east through the trees to the area of the source.