Strategic Water Plan

The Board hopes to assemble a group of members to participate in defining our Strategic Water Plan. This effort will define our approach to managing our water resource for the next several decades; the current Plan dates from 1996. Much of the investigative work required for plan development will be executed by Island Water Management, in collaboration with an engineering firm contracted by the Board for calculations and modelling requiring specialized expertise. This development effort will proceed over the next year or so;  anyone interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to be part of creating our Strategic Water Plan may contact Pat Call.

Welcome to the new Westside Water Association site

WWA has a new web site! Thanks to WordPress, it’ll look good on phones and tablets, and it’ll be easier for people to log in and make contributions. It also has expanded sections on emergency preparedness and other useful stuff. This home page is where you’ll find future blog posts with messages from the board and our water manager.

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